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Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settlements


Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit SettlementsIf you were injured by a transvaginal mesh implant, you may be entitled to significant financial recovery through a transvaginal mesh lawsuit settlement. More than 10,000 lawsuits have already been filed by women who were implanted with transvaginal mesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence. Many of them suffered devastating injuries when the mesh eroded into their body, became infected, damaged organs, caused pain, or required additional surgery. The first two lawsuits have been awarded multi-million dollar judgements, and new lawsuits continue to be filed by women seeking justice and compensation for their injuries.

Free Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Evaluation: If you or your loved one was injured by transvaginal mesh, contact our law firm immediately for a free case consultation. If you file a lawsuit, you could receive compensation for your injury, medical expenses, and more.

Jury Awards Could Open Floodgates for Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settlements

June 2012 – The first-ever transvaginal mesh lawsuit to go before a jury was awarded $5.5 million in favor of the plaintiff, Christine Scott, who was injured by C.R. Bard’s Avaulta transvaginal mesh. She required multiple corrective surgeries when the implant eroded into her body, perforated her colon, and caused severe pain and incontinence. Mrs. Scott was awarded $5 million and her husband was awarded $500,000 for loss of consortium with his wife.

March 2013 – The second transvaginal mesh lawsuit to go before a jury was awarded $11.1 million in compensation and punitive damages against Johnson & Johnson. The plaintiff, Linda Gross, needed 22 medical procedures and six corrective surgeries to correct complications that occurred when her transvaginal mesh eroded into her body.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settlements

With thousands of additional lawsuits still pending in federal court, many believe that the total payout for all transvaginal mesh lawsuit settlements could be in the billions — making it one of the largest medical device injury settlements ever in U.S. history.

If you were injured by transvaginal mesh, you may be able to file an independent lawsuit and join the ongoing federal litigation. More than 10,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits have been transferred from the state court where they were originally filed into one centralized federal court in West Virginia where a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) has been created.

In the MDL process, certain cases are chosen for “bellwether” trials because they contain the same legal questions or injuries as many other lawsuits. Lawyers argue the case and watch how the jury responds to the evidence presented in each trial. This helps them gauge the value of a potential settlement. Through a settlement, both parties can avoid the time and expense of conducting thousands of trials for every individual lawsuit. However, unlike a class action, the lawsuits remain independent. If the plaintiff doesn’t agree to a settlement, their lawsuit can go back to the state court where it was originally filed.

Transvaginal mesh lawsuit settlements may include compensation for:

  • Pain, suffering, emotional injuries
  • Medical expenses
  • Future surgery and medical care
  • Lost income, employment, or ability to work
  • Permanent injury or disability
  • Loss of consortium for your spouse
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Punitive damages against the manufacturer

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits in Federal Litigation

Do I have a Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit?

The Product Liability & Defective Medical Device Litigation Group at our law firm is an experienced team of trial attorneys that focus on the representation of plaintiffs in transvaginal mesh lawsuits. We are handling individual litigation nationwide and currently accepting new lawsuits in all 50 states.

Free Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Evaluation: Again, if you or a loved one was injured by transvaginal mesh, you should contact our law firm immediately. You may be entitled to compensation by filing a lawsuit and we can help.

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